Angel Print Fudge Bitz Order

Handmade poured chocolate fudge with our special "Angel Approved" golden print.

Caramels Order

Individually wrapped, homemade soft caramel chews.

Sugar Shotz Order

Hard candy shot glasses, perfect for parties.

Angel Print Fudge Bitz has been a spirit driven dream of mine, that has stood the test of time. I enjoy bringing my unique twist on traditional fudge to many people. I hope you enjoy the Fudge Bitz as much as I enjoy making them for you.
The Fudge Diva

About Us

Angel Print Fudge Bitz was originally formed in December of 2008. Our fudge is hand-made in per order in individual small batches. we craft each batch with homemade butter as well as homemade vanilla. This ensures the creamy texture Fudge Bitz have become well known for. Each Fudge Bitz is Angel Approved with an edible gold dust print as well as packaged in a destinctive gold cup.

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